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Retail packaging can oftentimes be a pain to tear into; all of that plastic and cardboard can sometimes make you feel like the packagers were trying to keep you out of your product! With the “Open It” Universal Package Opener from Zibra, you’ll have a safe and sturdy tool for getting into clam shell packaging with minimal effort or hassle.

This means no more “wrap rage” and more time spent enjoying your products! Clam shell packaging will no longer be a problem, and the tool can also be used as a box cutter as well! The blade is hidden inside of the handle, and kept safe with a safety locking feature. Also featured is a mini screwdriver for opening up battery compartments on toys.


  • Solves wrap rage
  • Opens sealed clam chell packages with ease
  • Includes safety razor in handle for slicing open boxes, Cd’s, Dvd’s and more
  • Great for opening all holiday gifts
  • Includes screwdriver to open battery compartments